Devoted to acrylic and plastic bottles
Development of glass bottles and supporting products

  Founded in 2000, at the beginning of its establishment, the company was based on the import, development and trade of high-end imported products for cosmetic packaging. The company (PLY) from the more than 10 years since the founding of the company (PLY) has always held the customer first service to the customer's business philosophy, from nothing to the strong, adhere to the product quality first business way, and strive to develop high-end, quality products.

   The company is committed to the development of acrylic, plastic bottles, glass bottles and supporting products. The classic products that we have introduced and improved have featured functional essence bottles, mixed bottles of water powder, bottle bottles, acrylic bottles, and always adhere to the concept of green and environmental packaging. We focus on the introduction of foreign high-end products, each year will launch new foreign products for the use of domestic users, our company (PLY) hopes new and old customers, hand in hand and common good prospects.

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